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Turfgrass Consulting:
Our Turfgrass Management professional has a degree in Horticulture and 17 years of experience as a Golf Course Superintendent.  His goal is to provide our clients with sounds agronomic advice so they can enjoy the beauty of high quality turfgrass.  Call Jason today to book a property assessment visit which will detail a scientific approach to growing high quality turfgrass.

Soil Testing:
A soil test gives you the complete story of the chemistry in your root zone.  You should never apply any fertilizers to your turf without conducting a soil test.  This test provides data on the current nutrient levels in the root zone. These numbers give you a baseline to start from so you can apply the proper amount of fertilizer throughout the growing season eliminating misapplications.

Customized Fertility Programs:
Based on the soil test results we will create a fertility program specifically designed for your turf requirements. We have various organic and synthetic fertilizer options available which will produce high quality turfgrass.

De-Thatching (Power rake):
A De-Thatcher or Power Rake is a piece of equipment that pulls out dead organic material (thatch) which increases air flow and sunlight into the canopy. Weak plants are also removed in this process leaving only healthy plants.  An added bonus is that young weed plants and seeds are disrupted thinning their populatiuons.

Core Aeration:
Core aeration is the process of removing a core from the turf to reduce thatch (dead organic material), and allow oxygen into the root zone.  It also creates channels for water and fertilizers to get into the root zone more efficiently, as well as reducing compaction. This process should be completed each spring to promote season long health to your turf.

After the de-thatching and aeration processes are completed this would be a great time to over-seed thin areas in the turf.  Having excessive thatch removed and holes punched in the turf provides an excellent seed bed giving the seed the best chance to for establishment.  These areas are then top-dressed with a soil/compost mix and rolled creating the optimal seed bed.

Fiesta Weed Spraying:
Fiesta effectively controls weeds in turf and is environmentally safe.  It uses an Iron chelate which causes the weeds to absorb Iron in large quantities becoming toxic to the weeds but not the turf. The best thing is that it’s environmentally safe so the areas sprayed can be entered immediately after application. This product needs to be sprayed by a licensed professional.

This is a product that is broadcasted over the turf with a fertilizer spreader to control grubs (larvae) in the root zone.  It uses irrigation or rain water to release the active ingredient into the root zone. This product is registered for use in residential and commercial areas but needs to be applied by a licensed professional.

This product controls grass and weeds in areas such as driveways (pavers), patios, sidewalks, or any area you do not want vegetation.  It contains organic acids that are composed of vinegar and lemon juice and is environmentally safe.

Chinch Bug Control:
The best defense against a chinch bug infestation is having a season long multifaceted turf health program.  Healthy turf will resist insect and disease pressure.  Chinch bugs live and overwinter in turf with excessive thatch problems. Reducing this thatch layer with de-thatching, core aeration, and balanced fertility, will help control the pest.  Infestations will require treatments with registered products applied by our licensed professional.