A Healthy Lawn Starts Here

Management & Consulting

Customized Fertility Programs:
We have various organic and synthetic fertilizer options available which will produce high quality grass.

De-Thatching (Power rake):
A De-Thatcher or Power Rake is a piece of equipment that pulls out dead organic material (thatch) which increases air flow and sunlight into the canopy. Weak plants are also removed in this process leaving only healthy plants.  An added bonus is that young weed plants and seeds are disrupted thinning their populations.

Core Aeration:
Core aeration is the process of removing a core from the lawn to reduce thatch (dead organic material), and allow oxygen into the root zone.  It also creates channels for water and fertilizers to get into the root zone more efficiently, as well as reducing compaction. This process should be completed each spring to promote season long health to your lawn.

After the de-thatching and aeration processes are completed this would be a great time to over-seed thin areas in the lawn.  Having excessive thatch removed and holes punched in the ground provides an excellent seed bed giving the seed the best chance to for establishment.  These areas are then top-dressed with a soil/compost mix and rolled creating the optimal seed bed.

Fiesta Weed Spraying:
Fiesta effectively controls weeds and is environmentally safe.  It uses an Iron chelate which causes the weeds to absorb Iron in large quantities becoming toxic to the weeds but not the grass. The best thing is that it’s environmentally safe so the areas sprayed can be entered immediately after application. This product needs to be sprayed by a licensed professional.

Chinch Bug Control:
The best defense against a chinch bug infestation is having a season long multifaceted turf health program.  Healthy grass will resist insect and disease pressure.  Chinch bugs live and overwinter in lawns with excessive thatch problems. Reducing this thatch layer with de-thatching, core aeration, and balanced fertility, will help control the pest.  Infestations will require treatments with registered products applied by our licensed professional.